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Top 10 Healthy Food Trends for 2017

From the EatingWell website its Top 10 Healthy Food Trends for 2017. While at the EatingWell website be sure to check out all their delicious and healthy recipes and tips on cooking and eating healthy! And if you're looking for a good cooking magazine to subscribe to, try the EatingWell Magazine. I've subscribed for years and I'm always finding newrecipes to try. So Enjoy and Eat Healthy in 2017!

Top 10 Healthy Food Trends for 2017

I can't believe 2016 is almost over. It certainly was a big year. Food wise, we saw cauliflower everything, avocado toast start to pitter out (although it's still popular), doughnut shops take hold, and smoothie bowls everywhere. So what's coming up for 2017? I asked EatingWell's editors what healthy food trends they're seeing on the horizon for next year. Here's what we predict will be hot next year.

1. Bean Pastas
Although 2016 was the year of the pulse, beans are going to be even bigger in 2017. We have tried grain-free bean pastas (made from only bean flours) that are really high in protein and fiber. Expect to see plenty of them on the shelves this year —everything from edamame spaghetti to chickpea fusilli to lentil elbows and black bean rotini....

2. Fermentation
While fermented foods were definitely big in 2016, we think this will only continue to get bigger. Gut health is a hot topic and people are eating sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented veggies more than ever. Expect to see more fermented items at the grocery store and on menus......

3. Veggie Chips
Forget veggie snacks that hardly have any real vegetables in them. We saw a lot of companies making veggie chips with just veggies, oil and a little salt. From beets to kale, we think these vegetable snacks will be popping up on shelves near you. You can also make your own kale, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato and beet chips at home with these healthy recipes......

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