Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week – Grilled Buffalo Steaks

This week’s Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week – Grilled Buffalo Steaks. Nothing better than the Wild Idea Buffalo Steaks! I always have a supply in my freezer. Whether you grill them, pan fry them, or broil them its always a winning dish! You can find all the Wild Idea Buffalo recipes and purchase all of the Wild Idea Buffalo cuts of meat on the Wild Idea Buffalo website. Happy Grilling!

Grilled Buffalo Steaks

Our meals become pretty simple in the summer. In addition to what we eat, how we eat is minimized too. Frequently dinner consist of a grilled buffalo cut, and grilled vegetables on salad greens. The complete meal is served on the cutting board that the vegetables were prepped on. Other than cutting the steak, silverware is optional. Somehow the food just tastes better, you’ll just have to try it. Below is my simple way of “how to grill a steak”. Although this may be easy for many of you, it is a question that I get a lot. I hope it is helpful. Enjoy! Jill

1 – Rinse Wild Idea Bison steaks, and pat dry with a paper towel.
2 – Drizzle olive oil on steak and season generously with salt & pepper.
3 – Loosely cover and let steak rest at room temperature for 2 hours.
4 – For Gas Grill: Insure grill grids are clean. Turn all burners on high and close grill cover. Allow gas grill heat to come to 550*.
5 – Place steak on grill, close lid and cook for 3 minutes.
6 – Turn steak and cook for an additional 2.5 minutes, for medium rare.
7 – Remove steak from grill and place on serving plate and cover for 5 minutes.
Serve grilled steaks with grilled vegetables, salad greens and bread. Vegetables can be added to grill at the same time as the steak, turn as above. Simply delicious!

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