Saturday, November 26, 2016

Meals to Make with Leftovers

From the Diabetic Living Online website its Meals to Make with Leftovers. Recipes that include; Spaghetti with Meat Loaf Sauce, Salmon Cakes with Caper Mayonnaise, and Turkey and Bean Soup. Find them all at one of my favorite recipe sites, Diabetic Living Online. Enjoy and Eat Healthy!

Meals to Make with Leftovers
Tired of tossing perfectly good leftovers? These inventive meals to make with leftovers are so delicious you'll think they're new. Whether you're using leftover cooked chicken, salmon, beef, or pork, there's a mouthwatering meal idea for you here.

Spaghetti with Meat Loaf Sauce

Made with leftover Mediterranean Meat Loaf, the sauce for this hearty pasta dish is thick and rich......

Salmon Cakes with Caper Mayonnaise

These mouthwatering salmon cakes come together easily with leftover cooked salmon. Enjoy their tender flavor with creamy, zesty caper mayo.......

Turkey and Bean Soup

Looking for meals to make with your leftover roasted turkey? This combination of turkey, roasted vegetables, and cannellini beans makes a satisfying soup supper......

* Click the link below to get all the - Meals to Make with Leftovers

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