Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Diabetic Recipes: Healthy Grilling Favorites

From the Diabetic Living Online website its - Diabetic Recipes: Healthy Grilling Favorites. Recipes including; Thai Turkey Burgers, Grilled Vegetable Pitas, and Grilled Fish with Garlic Marinade. You can find them all at Diabetic Living Online website! Enjoy and Eat Healthy!

Diabetic Recipes: Healthy Grilling Favorites

From must-try marinades to the best burgers, these sizzling grilling recipes are packed with flavor while keeping carbs, calories, and fat in check. Our hot-off-the-grill dinners, lunches, and sides are yummy and healthful choices for your next cookout.

Thai Turkey Burgers

Thai seasoning is a blend that is reminiscent of the classic flavors of Thai cooking. The ingredients vary widely by brand but often include garlic, coriander, onion, cilantro, and pepper. Look for it at food specialty stores or larger.....

Grilled Vegetable Pitas

Perfect for outdoor dining, these pitas filled with fiber-rich grilled vegetables and tangy feta cheese boast only 200 calories per serving.....

Grilled Fish with Garlic Marinade

This restaurant-worthy marinade is featured with grilled fish -- but it also works with poultry, beef, or pork. Enjoy this low-carb recipe with a side of your favorite summer veggies.....

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