Friday, October 23, 2015

Our Favorite Fall Recipes

All your Fall favorite recipes made healthy! From the Diabetic Living Online website it's Our Favorite Fall Recipes. Pizza, Chili, and more can be found here. Delicious, Diabetic Friendly, and Healthy recipes all from Diabetic Living Online.  For all your Diabetic Friendly recipes just check it out!

Our Favorite Fall Recipes
Fall is perfect for spending a little more time in the heart of the home -- the kitchen --surrounded by friends and family. Here we feature our fall-issue recipes, including pizza, mac and cheese, and chili, plus dazzling birthday cakes and so much more to share with your loved ones. Enjoy!

Pork Stew with Amaranth Biscuit Topper

This hearty meal features amaranth biscuits as the topping for savory pork stew. Loaded with nutrients, this cozy dish will warm you up on a cool fall evening.....

Thin-Crust Pepperoni and Vegetable Pizza

There's nothing better than joining your family for homemade pizza after a long, busy week. We've cut the work -- and the calories and carbs -- by substituting whole wheat tortillas for the crust, leaving more time for board games and movies!....

Four-Cheese Macaroni and Cheese

Butternut squash is the secret ingredient in this satisfying makeover of a comfort-food favorite. Lower in calories and fat, this guilt-free treat features four delicious, bubbling cheeses for a calcium boost your family will love......

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