Monday, October 19, 2015

Kitchen Hints of the Day!

If your using Eggplant.......

* You can eat the skin on young eggplants, but the skin of older ones can be bitter and may require peeling.

* Do not use aluminum cookware when cooking eggplant because it can discolor the cookware.

* When salting the eggplant, be sure to wipe the salt off after allowing it to sit. Do not wash the salt off because the eggplant will absorb the water.

* Dredging eggplant slices in flour or coating with a batter or breadcrumbs will help decrease the amount of oil they absorb when frying.

* If you are baking whole eggplant, be sure to puncture the skin in several places so it does not burst.

* Add eggplant to soups and stews during the last 10 minutes to avoid overcooking.

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