Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Low-Carb Chocolate Desserts

Here's some Diabetic Friendly Low-Carb Chocolate Desserts! I love Chocolate and who doesn't. But with Diabtes2 I have watch those carbs in Chocolate or any dessert. So to help me and all the others that watch carbs here's Low-Carb Chocolate Desserts! It's all from the Diabetic Living Online website.

Low-Carb Chocolate Desserts
When you want something rich and decadent without blowing your carb budget, look no farther than our best low-carb chocolate dessert recipes. Most of these treats can be whipped up in no time (or with few ingredients) to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Carb Grams per Serving = 17

Love homemade ice cream? Try this chocolaty concoction that features six convenient ingredients. You can enjoy a 1/2-cup serving for just 17 grams of carb and 124 calories.....

Fudge-Berry Cupcakes

Carb Grams per Serving = 16

It’s tempting to take a supersize slice of cake, but with cupcakes the portions are already defined. Skip the frosting and garnish these cupcakes with whipped topping and a sprinkle of berries......

Layered Frozen Chocolate Coffee Pops

Carb Grams per Serving = 16

Give pudding pops a grown-up twist. Chocolate and coffee are a perfect pair in this delicious, portion-controlled frozen treat......

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