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Healthy Low-Calorie Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of

From the EatingWell website, Healthy Low-Calorie Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of. A great choice of foods that you can have a little extra of that are low in calories.

Healthy Low-Calorie Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of

Grab these foods when you want to eat larger portions without doing serious diet damage.
There are some days where my stomach feels like a bottomless pit. Usually I try to distract myself by going for a walk, drinking water or chatting with a friend. But sometimes my hunger rages All. Day. Long—no matter what tricks I try (please tell me you can relate). When I know I’m going to be munching more than usual, I try to do the least amount of damage to my diet by choosing foods that are low in calories and satisfy my cravings. That means I reach for foods that take up a lot of space in my tummy for not a lot of calories. I’m not suggesting you throw portion control to the wind (see healthy portions here)—but here are some feel-full options that deliver satisfaction on fewer calories for days when you’re feeling hungrier than usual.

1. Popcorn
Popcorn totally satisfies a craving for a salty, crunchy snack. Yum. Foods that are filled with air, like popcorn, trick us into thinking we’re eating more, according to Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., author of The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet. I love our Lemon-Parm Popcorn, which is packed with flavor and delivers just 99 calories in 1½ cups. As a bonus, popcorn counts as a whole grain. Most of us don’t eat enough whole grains, which deliver more fiber than refined grains. Air-popped popcorn is the lowest calorie choice, and be sure to avoid popcorns that claim to be “movie-theater” style, as they tend to be high in calories and sodium.....

2. Soup
Broth-based soups are “souper”-filling, since water or broth adds volume without adding too many (or any!) calories. That means you get to eat a lot more of it—so go for the black bean soup instead of the refried beans if you want to dish out a larger serving. Plus, according to an Obesity Research study, women who ate low-cal soup twice daily for a year lost 50 percent more weight than women who ate the same number of calories from energy-dense snacks. Try this Veggistrone soup (a riff on a popular Weight-Watchers recipe), which has only 169 calories in a 2-cup serving.....

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