Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Kitchen is closed tonight, Subway for dinner!

Dinner Tonight: Subway 6" Sub

Had an Eggo Waffle and a cup of Bigelow Decaf Green Tea. After Breakfast started some laundry for Mom and ran the vacuum real quick. Then it was off to the hospital to spend some time with Dad and visit my buddy who is up at the same hospital. Dad is doing somewhat better but awfully weak. As for my friend he is being moved to an Assisted Living Rehab Center here in West Chester. These hospital visits make for a long day, but I don't mind. I haven't been quite up to par lately, very tired. Which is why the Kitchen is shut down tonight. Tonight I'm having a Subway 6″ Sub on 9 Grain Bun w/ Turkey and Black Forest Ham.

Didn't feel like cooking tonight and I hadn't had Subway in a while so it just sounded good for
dinner! I had a 6″ Black Forest Ham and Turkey Sub on a 9 grain Wheat Bun w/ Black Olives, Lettuce. The total calories for the sub is 270 calories and 41 net carbs. I added Hellman’s Light Mayo and French’s Yellow mustard to the Sandwich when I got home. I also had a side of Ruffle’s Reduced Fat Potato Chips and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. For dessert later a Healthy Choice Dark Fudge Swirl Frozen Greek Yogurt.

Subway – Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham
A sandwich so deliciously hearty, you won’t know you’re eating low fat. Enjoy the flavor of tender
sliced turkey breast and Black Forest ham with your favorite veggies from juicy tomatoes to sweet red onions served on your favorite freshly baked bread.

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