Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Low-Carb Coffee & Tea Drink Recipes

Off the Diabetic Living Online website it's Low-Carb Coffee & Tea Drink Recipes. Coffee and Tea drinks -  Iced Mocha, Strawberry Iced Tea, Mango Green Tea Smoothies, and more! Check the Diabetic Living Online website for their great selection of healthy, delicious, and Diabetic Friendly recipes.

Low-Carb Coffee & Tea Drink Recipes

Coffeehouse drinks can pour on unwanted calories and carbs. Be your own barista and opt for
homemade beverages to eliminate the mystery. Our easy, café-worthy coffee and tea recipes are low in carbs and calories, allowing you to get your morning caffeine fix or afternoon refresher without jolting your healthy eating plan.

Iced Mocha

For an afternoon pick-me-up, make this chocolaty coffee-shop favorite. Our super-simple at-home version has just 46 calories and 7 grams of carb per serving, so you won't break your calorie and carb budget. ....

Strawberry Iced Tea

We steeped loose black tea with crushed berries and lemon peel to infuse the iced drink with fruity flavor. With a seriously low carb count (7 grams per serving!), this refreshing tea recipe is a perfect alternative to sugary fruit drinks on hot summer days.....

Mango Green Tea Smoothies

This isn’t your typical breakfast smoothie. We kicked up the health value by blending antioxidant-rich green tea with frozen mango, carrots, and chia seeds. The nondairy smoothie is low-calorie and low-carb.....

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