Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

Squash is delicious but can be a pain cut and peel. From the Kitchen website (, help on preparing that Squash! Just click the link at the end of the post and to see the full instructions.

1. Remove the ends. Place your squash on its side and slice off both ends. The safest way to slice into a butternut squash is to stabilize it with your non-dominate hand using the claw (see above) and make an initial cut into the squash to penetrate the skin. Do this with as little pressure as possible — you're not trying to hack though the whole vegetable at this point. Once the knife has made its way through the skin and no longer poses a threat to slip, you can lean heavily into it to complete your cut.

2. Peel. I like to peel my squash at this point. Place the squash on its side and run your peeler along its length. You can peel the length of the squash in long strokes or you can peel it half way up the sides and then turn it and peel the other half.......

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