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Easy and Practical Tips for Counting Carbs Accurately

From the Diabetic Living Online website, Easy & Practical Tips for Counting Carbs Accurately. Here's some great tips and advice on counting those carbs. Whether you at home or eating out, you'll find some helpful tips to eat healthy! You can find all these tips along with all the healthy and delicious recipes at the Diabetic Living Online website.

Easy & Practical Tips for Counting Carbs Accurately

You can get better at nailing your carbohydrate counts when following a diabetic diet. Hone your carb-counting skills at home with these tried-and-true tips, then eat restaurant meals with confidence.

Count Carbs More Accurately

Count the grams of carbohydrate you eat. It’s not always a piece of cake (or pie), right? Fortunately, help is near. To dig up practical pointers, we’ve reached out to people with firsthand experience. Learn and more accurately estimate the carbohydrate in the foods you commonly eat and recipes you love with help from these tried-and-true tips for eating at home and dining out.

Eating In

The best place to practice your carb-counting skills is in the privacy of your home. This way you can feel comfortable learning the numbers, compiling your favorite foods, and taking time to improve your health. Slides 3-9 are tips from people who have learned to juggle the numbers at home. To skip to the tips for helping count carbs while eating out, go to Slides 10-16.

Estimate Portions at Home

Face it. You'll have to do a lot of estimating. The better you train your eyes to estimate portions, the more precise you'll be. Keep your eyes honest by double-checking your portions.

"Once a month I put my oatmeal, cold cereal, pasta, rice, and other starches I eat in my usual serving bowl or plate. But before I take a bite, I put it in a measuring cup to check up on my estimates," says Amanda DiMatteo, PWD type 1. Amanda finds that without measuring tools, her portions grow.

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