Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Whole-Grain Recipes for a Flat Stomach

From the EatingWell website, its all about eating healthy - Whole-Grain Recipes for a Flat Stomach. Recipes including; Whole-Grain Cornbread and Red Rice Salad with Peaches & Cucumber. You can see them all at the EatingWell website.    http://www.eatingwell.com/

Whole-Grain Recipes for a Flat Stomach

Eat these delicious whole-grain recipes to help whittle your waistline and lose weight.
You don’t have to banish carbs if you're watching your figure. Research shows that healthy carbs, like the whole grains featured in these recipes, can help reduce your total body fat and even help specifically reduce abdominal fat. Plus, all of these recipes are low in calories to help you meet your overall weight-loss goals. So enjoy delicious recipes including fried rice, granola and soups, all while sticking to your diet and helping flatten your stomach.

Red Rice Salad with Peaches & Cucumber
Sweet peaches or nectarines, lemon and a kiss of ginger and chile sparkle against chewy red rice in this rice salad recipe. Bhutanese red rice has a delicate flavor and cooks in 20 minutes. Look for it near other whole-grain rice in natural-foods stores. Can’t find Bhutanese rice? Use another red rice or brown rice and adjust the cooking time.....

Feta & Spinach Couscous Patties
Feta, spinach and dill flavor these tofu patties. Slice some lemon wedges and pick up some whole-wheat pita bread to serve with this Greek-inspired meal.

Whole-Grain Cornbread
Made with whole-grain cornmeal and white whole-wheat flour, this healthy cornbread recipe is quick enough for a weeknight and perfect to serve with chili or instead of dinner rolls. We like to make a few extra batches of the dry mix and store it in the freezer. To make a batch of cornbread, just measure out 2 cups of dry mix and combine with the liquid ingredients. Serve the leftovers with a drizzle of honey for a treat or in the morning with scrambled eggs for breakfast. If you don’t want to pull out your food processor, you can skip pureeing the corn in Step 2 and instead whisk an 8-ounce can of creamed corn with the egg, milk, oil and sugar before combining with the dry ingredients.

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