Saturday, July 9, 2016

Grilled Ham and Turkey Sandwich w/ Baked Shoestring Fries

Dinner Tonight: Grilled Ham and Turkey Sandwich w/ Baked Shoestring Fries

I started the day off by preparing a Breakfast Burrito! To make it Ill need 1 medium size Egg, Jennie - O Turkey Ground Breakfast Sausage, Sargento Reduced Fat Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Frank's Hot Sauce, sliced Jalapeno Pepper, and Old El Paso Flour Soft Tortilla. Not a bad way to start my day! It was a full house cleaning day, dusted and vacuumed. Sunny and 82 degrees out, and low humidity! Got the cart out for a while. For Dinner tonight I prepared a Grilled Ham and Turkey Sandwich w/ Baked Shoestring Fries.

While at Kroger the other day I loaded up on some Boar's Head Deli items. I bought some Boar's Head Beef Salami, Boar's Head Maple Glazed Honey Coat Cured Turkey Breast, Boar's Head Branded Deluxe Ham, and Boar's Head Smoked Gouda Cheese. So to make my Sandwich I'll be using the Turkey, Ham, and Gouda Cheese. I'll also need; Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise, Boston Bib Lettuce, and Healthy Life Whole Grain Bread.

This will be an easy clean up job because I'll only be using my Flat Top Griddle Pan. I got the Griddle out and sprayed a light coat of Pam Cooking Spray. Preheated it on medium heat. When heated I grabbed some of the Turkey and Ham and laid the pile of Meat on the Griddle. I let it cook for about 4 minutes and flipped it over with the spatula.

 After I flipped it,using I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, I buttered 2 slices of the Healthy Life Bread
(buttering just one side of the Bread. I then added 1 slice of the Bread on to the Griddle, buttered side down. After about a minute or so I added the Turkey and Ham on to the Bread. I then added the Gouda Cheese and the other slice of Bread that I spread with the Hellmann's Mayo, buttered side facing up. I then flipped the Sandwich and grilled that side for 3 minutes. And done! Love these Boar's Head Meats and Cheese, always fresh and delicious.

Then to go with the Grilled Sandwich I  baked some Alexia Organic Yukon Select Fries. Seasoned them with McCormick Grinder Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn Medley. Baked them at 425 degrees for 18 minutes. They bake up beautifully and seasoned just right, excellent Shoestring Fries! Plus they are only 120 calories and 15 net carbs. For dessert later a Del Monte No Sugar Added Peach Chunk Cup.

Boar's Head Meats and Cheese

Maple Glazed Honey Coat Cured Turkey Breast

Those who crave sweet will love our Maple Glazed Honey Coat Turkey Breast. This tender, extra lean turkey breast gets its sweet flavor from 100% pure maple syrup and golden honey. Low fat and rich in protein, this turkey is something sweet you can feel good about eating.

Branded Deluxe Ham

Water added.

It all started with Branded Deluxe Ham. Slow cooked for a tender taste, this was our very first product and continues to be a favorite today.

Smoked Gouda, Pasteurized Process Gouda and Cheddar Cheese

A unique blend of buttery Gouda and mild cheddar that is naturally smoked with hickory and hardwoods, for a cheese with subtle smoky notes and a rich, creamy flavor. Smoked Gouda lends depth to ordinary burgers and pairs with Boar’s Head Bacon to make a truly spectacular mashed potato side dish.

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