Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Slow Cooker Appetizers & Side Dishes

From the Diabetic Living Online website it's Slow Cooker Appetizers & Side Dishes. You'll find Hot Wing Dip, Broccoli-Cheese Dip with Potato Dippers, Fruit Chutney with Spiced Chips, and more Diabetic Friendly Recipes. It's all on the Diabetic Living Online website.    http://www.diabeticlivingonline.com/

Slow Cooker Appetizers & Side Dishes
Fix these diabetes-friendly appetizers and side dishes quickly, then let them simmer in the slow cooker until they're ready to serve. We've also suggested some fresh salad and vegetable dishes to pair with your slow cooker meals.

Hot Wing Dip

Blue cheese salad dressing balances the hotness of the bottled Buffalo wing sauce, making this a crowd-pleasing dish. Serve with crisp celery sticks......

Broccoli-Cheese Dip with Potato Dippers

Bring this bacon-flavor-infused dip to your next party! Oven-baked potato dippers topped with the cheesy mixture offer a baked-potato taste. Just be sure to count the potato carbs in your meal plan......

Fruit Chutney with Spiced Chips

This two-hour slow-simmer dish is a sweet treat for any get-together. Serve the chutney with spiced chips made from whole wheat tortillas and topped with crumbled goat cheese........

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