Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easy Banana Recipes

From the EatingWell website, Easy Banana Recipes. It's all about Bananas with these healthy and delicious recipes. Recipes including; Banana-Nut-Chocolate Chip Quick Bread, Gingersnap-Banana Frozen Yogurt, and Caramelized Bananas. It's all from the EatingWell website!

Easy Banana Recipes

Healthy recipes for banana muffins, banana smoothies, banana desserts and more.
There are so many ways to enjoy bananas wiith our delicious recipes for banana smoothies, banana muffins, banana pudding and even savory dishes with bananas. Use up your leftover bananas in our Banana-Nut-Chocolate Chip Quick Bread or impress your guests with a quick, crowd-pleasing dessert like Gingersnap-Banana Frozen Yogurt.

Banana-Nut-Chocolate Chip Quick Bread
This banana quick bread is full of chocolate chips and toasted heart-healthy walnuts so you get a taste of nuts and chocolate in each bite. This version reduces the fat substantially and uses nonfat buttermilk to make the results extremely moist and tender......

Gingersnap-Banana Frozen Yogurt
Stir chopped gingersnaps, sliced bananas and toasted pecans into softened vanilla frozen yogurt for a quick, crowd-pleasing dessert.....

Caramelized Bananas
The bananas have to get in and out of the pan in 1 1/2 minutes, no longer, so they stay firm in the center. If you are cooking for 4, you can easily double the recipe; it is important not to crowd the skillet, so get everything ready to go and make it in 2 batches......

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