Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Here's some tips and hints on How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain. It's from the Daibetic Living Online website which is loaded with Healthy Tips and Diabetic Friendly Recipes.    http://www.diabeticlivingonline.com/

How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday food and busy schedules make it too easy to gain weight. Follow these 10 suggestions to stick to your meal plan this season without feeling deprived.

Relax and Enjoy the Festivities

Focus on the activities instead of the food. A party is a great place to meet people and catch up on news. Distance yourself from the buffet table to minimize the amount that you nibble...

Stick to Your Regular Eating Schedule

Keep your eating times consistent to help with blood sugar control. If you skip a meal or go to a party hungry, your blood sugar can drop and you might overeat later. If the party doesn't fit your meal or snack schedule, eat something small at your usual time and supplement lightly at the party. If you're at risk for hypoglycemia, make sure to have a treatment on hand.....

Plan Ahead for Meals

If you're attending a party or family dinner, ask questions before you go if you feel comfortable with the host, or offer to bring a dish that will fit into your meal plan. When you arrive, scope out the food table before filling your plate to decide what you want to taste and enjoy. If you're the cook, nibble on fresh veggies or other healthy snacks while you're planning and prepping for the party.......

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