Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Turkey Frank Cincinnati Style Cheese Coneys w/ Baked Crinkle Fries

Dinner Tonight: Turkey Frank Cincinnati Style Cheese Coneys w/ Baked Crinkle Fries

It's been a cloudy and rainy day out today. But we really need the rain, everything was so dry. Not feeling real well today. I don't know if I slept in an awkward position or turned the wrong way but my lower back is really bothering me today. Had a heating pad on it in the afternoon and it did feel better as the day went on. Didn't do a whole lot today, finished up some laundry for Mom and that was about it for the day. For dinner tonight an area classic, Cheese Coneys! I prepared Turkey Frank Cincinnati Style Cheese Coneys w/ Baked Crinkle Fries.

I used Ball Park Smoked White Meat Turkey Franks. I boiled them, it took about 5 minutes and they were ready,plump, and delicious. I opened up a can of Skyline Original Chili and heated that up for my Chili Topping. I served everything on a Aunt Millie's Reduced Calorie Hot Dog Buns. Then topped it with French’s Yellow Mustard and Sargento Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar Shredded Cheese. Put it altogether and you have a prime example of the World Famous Cincinnati Style Cheese Coney! Had a small side of some Skyline Oyster Crackers with a few drops of Frank’s Hot Sauce on them, it’s a Cincinnati thing!

I baked some Ore Ida Crinkle Fries for a side and had some Hunt's Ketchup for dipping. Also  had an Ice-Cold Diet Dr. Pepper to drink. For dessert later a Jello Sugar Free Dark Mousse.

Ball Park Bun Size Smoked White Turkey Franks – Dial up the lean while you dial in the flavor.

Ball Park Turkey Franks are so packed full of classic Ball Park satisfaction, don’t be surprised if he thinks he’s eating an original Ball Park.

 Nutrition Facts Serving Size 50 G
Servings Per Container 8
Amount Per Serving Calories 45 Calories from Fat 0 % Daily Value* Total Fat 0 G 0 Saturated Fat 0 G 0 Trans Fat 0 G Cholesterol 10 Mg 3 Sodium 490 Mg 20 Potassium 3780 Mg 11 Total Carbohydrate 5 G 2 Dietary Fiber 0 G 0 Sugars 1 G Protein 6 G


Skyline Chili
Enjoy the delicious taste of Cincinnati Skyline Chili. It is easy to make. This original chili has a
wonderful flavor. It will be a welcome addition to your kitchen food supplies.
* Cincinnati chili
* Original taste

Beef, Water, Tomato Paste, Corn Starch, Spices, Salt, Onion, Garlic, Paprika And Natural Flavors.
Microwave: empty contents into microwave-safe container. Cover.Microwave on high power for at least 1 minute or until hot. Stove top:empty contents into sauce pan. Heat over medium heat until hot, stirring occasionally.


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