Saturday, June 11, 2016

Top 10 Foods You Should Eat This Summer

Some great tips on eating healthy this Summer. From the Diabetic Living Online website its Top 10 Foods You Should Eat This Summer. Check out the Diabetic Living website for all your Diabetic Friendly recipes and tips!

Top 10 Foods You Should Eat This Summer

If you're wondering what the best foods are to eat with diabetes this summer, check out our top picks for fresh and flavorful summer eats that will keep you cool and your body nourished.

Summer Power Foods

From fresh fruits to sizzling vegetables, you'll love knowing that you're taking care of your body and your diabetes while feasting on the power foods of summer. Visit your local farmer's markets for the best in seasonal fare.


Refreshing, tasty, and hydrating, watermelon needs no dressing up to provide the nutrition and flavors we crave. Summertime is when watermelons are best in quality and price. Watermelons come in all shapes and sizes, and they have thick green rinds that are spotted or striped......


Keep cool as a cucumber and include these versatile vegetables into your summer cuisine. One cup of sliced cucumbers has only 16 calories and 4 grams of carb. Florida and California provide cucumbers to the United States most of the year, with cucumbers from Mexico found in stores during the winter months. China is the largest producer of cucumbers, providing two-thirds of the global supply. Health benefits of cucumbers are numerous. The skins and seeds of cucumbers are rich in nutrients and higher than the flesh, so consuming the whole fruit is desirable.......


One of the most delicious fruits of summer with their natural sweetness and unique flavor, pluots are an easy, highly nutritious addition to any diabetes and weight management eating plan. A cross between an apricot and a plum, it looks more like a plum because genetically the fruit is about 70 percent plum and 30 percent apricot......

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