Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Grilled Ham and Cheese w/ Baked Crinkle Fries

Dinner Tonight: Grilled Ham and Cheese w/ Baked Crinkle Fries

For Breakfast this morning I fried up some slices Glier's Turkey Goetta and toasted a couple of slices of Healthy Life Whole Grain Bread that I topped with some Smucker's Sugar Free Blackberry Jam.
Along with the morning cup of Bigelow Decaf Green Tea. After Breakfast I headed up to our local Kroger and picked up a few items for Mom and myself. Then on the way back I took the car through the car wash and back home. The heat and humidity has returned, blah! It does beat zero and snow though!! Did some cleaning outside. Back inside I had to repair a wheel on the vacuum again. The Hoover Cordless Vacuum is one of the best buys I've made, It makes sweeping so much easier without dealing with cord. Wanted to keep it simple and light for Dinner, tonight its a Grilled Ham and Cheese w/ Baked Crinkle Fries.

I used Boar’s Head Deluxe Ham, Kraft Sliced Sharp Cheddar Cheese, and Healthy Life Whole Grain
Bread. I had purchased the Boar’s Head Deluxe Ham at Kroger, on sale the other day. I love all the Boar’s Head Meats and Cheese. Always fresh and lower in calories and sodium. To make the sandwich I buttered one side of both slices of bread with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and then on the unbuttered sides layered the Ham and then the Cheese. I then grilled the sandwich in a preheated pan that I had sprayed with Pam Cooking Spray. Grilling both sides until golden brown. I love a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, but the Boar's Head Ham kicks it up another notch!

For a side I baked some Ore Ida Crinkle Fries, served with a side of Hunt’s Ketchup. Also had a Diet Dr. Pepper to drink. For dessert later a Jello Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Mousse.

Boar’s Head Meats and Cheese

Branded Deluxe Ham
Water added.

It all started with Branded Deluxe Ham. Slow cooked for a tender taste, this was our very first product and continues to be a favorite today.

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