Friday, December 9, 2016

Diabetes-Friendly Christmas Cookie Recipes

From the Diabetic Living Online website its Diabetes-Friendly Christmas Cookie Recipes. When leaving those cookies for Santa, make sure they're not only delicious but healthy for Ole St. Nick! Diabetes-Friendly Christmas Cookie Recipes like; Gingerbread Cookies, Almond Cream Cutouts, Sugar Cookie Cutouts, and more! Find them all at the Diabetic Living Online website. Enjoy and Eat Healthy!

Diabetes-Friendly Christmas Cookie Recipes

Celebrate the season with a batch of classic Christmas cookies. From gingerbread to sugar cookies, we've reduced the carbs, calories, and sugar--but kept the flavor--in your favorite holiday cookie recipes. Bake these delicious diabetic cookies today!

Gingerbread Cookies

These festive gingerbread people have just 2 grams of fat per serving -- great for your diabetic meal plan! With a flavorful blend of molasses, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, these tasty cookies will be a hit at any holiday party.......

Almond Cream Cutouts

The secret to these festive, low-carb cookies is almond paste. With only 7 grams of carb per serving, this delicious holiday treat is a guilt-free celebration!....

Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Joy to the world! Having diabetes doesn't mean you can't enjoy a classic holiday sugar cookie. We've given the traditional fat-laden cookie recipe a healthful makeover: Our yummy treats have only 48 calories per serving!.....

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