Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mean While Back on the SayersBrook Bison Ranch.....

I recently ordered Chopped Bison Sirloin, Elk Burger Patties, and Ground Wild Boar from a site by
the name of SayersBrook Ranch. My order arrived in a matter of days and was packed securely, all items were still frozen. I've tried the Elk Burger and Chopped Bison Sirloin, both were excellent! So after talking with SayersBrook I'll now be doing a weekly feature post on their products and recipes. The post will appear on Saturday's postings. So for the first post I'm giving you a Little background on the SayersBrook Bison Ranch. Future posts will feature SayersBrook recipes and all the different products, and they have a great assortment (Meat Selections include; Bison, Elk, Wild Boar, Ostrich,Beef, Pork, and more)! So SayersBrook joins my weekly posts along with the posts of Jennie- O Turkey, Wild Idea Buffalo, and Nuts ( So check their site out soon, Eat Healthy! Welcome to sayersBrook Ranch!

Sayersbrook Ranch History
SayersBrook Ranch was founded in 1928 when Frank Sayers acquired the original spread of 600 acres with the goal of creating an apple orchard. It was named by Jenny Sayers, Skip's grandmother, after a spring branch that flows through the sprawling ranch.

During the 1940's Herb and "T" Sayers, Skip's parents, sustained the apples and "T" became a cattle baroness adding to the acreage another 600 acres.

During the 1970's Skip & Connie began raising bison and they joke that 1976 was their "Bison"-Tennial. Their desire to raise bison began after reading the Plains Indians lived on bison meat and never contracted cancer, heart disease, or strokes, despite living to be eighty to ninety years old. In fact, scientists speculated that had they had dental care, they would have lived to be one-hundred and thirty-five.

During the 90's the Ranch expanded to over six square miles, 1100 Bison, and evolved into a tour
destination, featuring herd tours, sporting clays, fly-fishing, boating, 50 miles of 4-wheel off-road trails, and the home of the American Off Road Training Center. It is endorsed as a 5 star destination by Holland and Holland of London, England.

All Natural Award Winning Buffalo Meat from Sayersbrook Bison Ranch - it's the New Red Meat!

Since 1976 All natural methods used to develop our flavorful bison meat.
Bison meat is 97% fat free and contain 40% more protein than beef. Our bison are fed exclusively with 100% natural forage. We use no growth hormones, our animals go through natural fattening periods. All our products are certified, meeting the highest quality standards.
We are proud to offer an extensive selection of SayersBrook's award winning bison steaks, bison burgers and sausages, bison roasts and other exotic foods.

Sayersbrook 100% Satisfaction Pledge

We know that our meat products are of only the finest quality. But your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please call us and we'll happily issue a credit and a thank you. It's just that simple.


TOLL FREE 1-888-472-9377

Toll-Free : 888-472-9377
Phone : 573 438-4449
10240 Outer Road
Potosi, MO 63664

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