Friday, September 30, 2016

Low-Calorie Soup Recipes for Fall

From the EatingWell website its Low-Calorie Soup Recipes for Fall. Recipes including; Russian Tortellini Soup, Manhattan Cod Chowder, and Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup. Find all these and all the other delicious and healthy recipes on the EatingWell website.

Low-Calorie Soup Recipes for Fall

Slim down with satisfying and comforting fall soup recipes. These yummy low-calorie soup recipes are comforting without the excess calories in some creamy soups. We’ve slimmed down our low-calorie soup recipes and added in fiber-rich vegetables and lean proteins to make them even more satisfying.

Russian Tortellini Soup
Many cultures have a version of dumplings; for Russians, they're called pelmeni. One of the ways they're often served is in a cabbage soup. We substitute easier-to-find tortellini in this healthy soup recipe with great results, but if you can find pelmeni, go ahead and use them.....

Manhattan Cod Chowder
This healthy fish chowder recipe with a tomato base is a lighter alternative to creamy soups. If you prefer a stronger-flavored fish in your chowder recipe, try salmon or swordfish instead of the cod. Serve the chowder with oyster crackers, hot sauce and a baby kale Caesar salad....

Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup
Inspired by creamy turkey and wild rice soup recipes, this vegetarian mushroom soup recipe is a whole lot lighter and gets a rich flavor boost from caramelized leeks. Serve with a green salad with sherry vinaigrette and crusty bread to sop up any bits left in the bowl......

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