Thursday, November 5, 2015

Izzy’s Lean Corned Beef Sandwich w/ Pringle’s Fat-Free Chips

Dinner Tonight: Izzy’s Lean Corned Beef Sandwich w/ Pringle’s Fat-Free Chips

After an early Breakfast I went to Walmart, needed some Ink for my printer. Back home and after 2
months of paperwork and aggravation to myself and doctors, they finally delivered a new Hoveround Mobility Chair. It was absolutely ridiculous on the amount of paperwork that has to be done to get something done through Medicare. They had sent me a new chair but the seating was incorrect and it took forever to get it replaced. But the new chair arrived, finally. I had a last minute change in my dinner plans, I forgot to lay the Buffalo Sirloin out I was planning  to prepare for dinner out of the freezer. So it was Izzy’s Lean Corned Beef Sandwich w/ Pringle’s Fat-Free Chips.

It was Izzy’s to the rescue for dinner tonight!. Izzy’s is home of some the best Corned Beef there is! All their Sandwiches are delicious and they own the market on the Corned Beef. I always get their Izzy’s Lean Corned Beef Sandwich. The “Lean” version of the Corned Beef it makes it healthier than most also. The sandwich contains 170 calories and 16 carbs per serving (1/2 Sandwich) and 340 calories and 32 carbs for a Full Sandwich. I had the Full Sandwich along with a side of Pasta Salad and Pringle’s. I bought Mom and Dad’s Sandwiches for them also. Mom had the Izzy’s Lean while Dad had the Reuben, which looked incredible also! To go along with it all I had an Ice-Cold Diet Dr. Pepper, 0 calories and 0 carbs. Love sticking a small bottle of Dr. Pepper in the freezer for a bit, just enough to get a layer of ice forming on it! For dessert later a Healthy Choice Dark Fudge Swirl Frozen Greek Yogurt.


Izzy’s famous corned beef—96% lean cut— on whole wheat bread. Served with pasta salad.

Izzy’s Lean
Like Izzy’s famous corned beef, but not all the fixings that come piled high on a Reuben? Craving that delicious lean- cut corned beef but counting calories? Looking for something light to hold you over in between holiday feasts? The Izzy’s Lean is your answer. It’s simple: Izzy’s renowned deli meat on toast, with a side of pasta salad. Add as many pickles and condiments as you like, or enjoy it plain. Yum!

Calories/ Carbs
170/16 (1/2 Sandwich) 340/32 (Full Sandwich)

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