Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fish Sandwich w/ Baked Tater Tots

Dinner Tonight: Fish Sandwich w/ Baked Tater Tots

What a beautiful morning sky this morning! Deep blue sky along with some white and grey clouds
along the horizon being lit up by the morning sun, good job Mother Nature! Started the morning with a toasted Healthy Life Whole Grain English Muffin, a fried Egg, 2 Eckrich Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links, and a hot cup of Bigelow decaf Green Tea. Not a whole lot going on today, caught up on everything. Did finish up some laundry for Mom while she was out. Not too bad out, high in the 40's and partly sunny. Cold weather moving in though by later tonight and tomorrow. Spent the afternoon in the easy chair with the remote watching College Football. For dinner tonight I prepared a Fish Sandwich w/ Baked Tater Tots.

For my Fish I used Gorton’s Fish Sandwich Fillets. I baked them at 425 degrees for 19 minutes, turning the fillets over after 10 minutes.  I served the Gorton’s Fish on a Kroger Lite Wheat Bun. Love these Gorton's Fillets, nice breading and love the Fish.

I haven't had Tater Tots in years and years! I had been wanting some so at Kroger the other day I
picked a bag of ore Ida Mini Tater Tots. Couldn't wait to tear into this bag and have some. Just bake at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes and done! I baked these at the same time I baked my Gorton's Fish Fillet. The tater Tots were worth the wait, golden brown and delicious! I served them with a side of Hunt's Ketchup. Fish and Potatoes, a natural pairing. For dessert later a Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream Bar.

Ore Ida Mini Tater Tots®

Irresistibly poppable.
Just when you thought Tater Tots couldn't get more fun, along come Mini Tater Tots. They're fun to
pop on their own, or use them in our Cheesy Tater Tots Casserole and other delicious family recipes.

Keep frozen. Easy Prep Baking: Keep frozen. Do not overcook. Appliance temperatures may vary. Please consider the performance of your appliance when following these directions. 1/2 Bag: Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Arrange frozen Mini Tater Tots in a single layer on an 11 inch x 17 inch baking sheet. Heat for 14-16 mins. Cook to a light golden color. Season to taste. Full Bag: Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Arrange frozen Mini Tater Tots in a single layer on an 11 inch x 17 inch baking sheet. Heat for 21-24 mins. Cook to a light golden brown. Season to taste.
Deep Fry: Caution: Ice crystals on frozen foods can cause spattering when added to hot oil. Add product carefully. Tips for Frying with Oil: Always preheat oil uncovered. If oil splatters, cover immediately and reduce heat. When splattering stops, remove cover and return to cooking temperature. Be careful not to spatter or spill oil onto hot burner of range. 1. Preheat cooking oil in electric deep fryer to 375 degrees F, check oil temperature. Fill deep fryer not more than half full of oil. 2. Fill fryer basket not more than half full of frozen mini tater tots. Carefully lower basket into hot oil. 3. Fry 3-4 minutes. Cook to a light golden color. 4. Drain on paper towels. Season to taste.

FAT 9g
SODIUM 420mg

Gorton’s Fish Sandwich Fillets


Crunchy breaded fillets that are the perfect size and shape for sandwiches. Just add a bun and you’re done! Talk about easy. And delicious. And satisfying!
* A fun, new way to enjoy seafood
* 100% Real Fish, No Fillers
* No MSG, artificial colors or flavors
* Natural Omega-3​

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