Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kitchen Hints of the Day!

Planning on using a Smoker, keep these hints in mind...........

* There's a wide selection of wood flavors to choose from. Hickory  and mesquite  wood are very popular for smoking meat. The wood of alder, oak, pecan, maple  and other fruit trees like cherry, plum, apple  and peach  are widely used for smoking as well. Try soaking your wood chips for 30-40 minutes and allow them to drip-dry before introducing them to the fire.

* Leave all the fat on the food as you are smoking and grilling meat. It will up the great flavor to the food and this fat melt off into the pit or grill.

* There should not be any flames as you are smoking your meat. If it flares up, take off the food and increase the rack distance above the flames. Or, spray down the flames using water.

*  Don’t leave your meat to remain in the smoker when it is done or it will dry out.

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